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National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards

The Commission developed the National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health (NSQDMH) Standards in collaboration with consumers, carers, clinicians, service providers and technical experts. The NSQDMH Standards aim to address key clinical and technical safety and quality risks for users of digital mental health services.

In developing the NSQDMH Standards, the Commission drew on the NSQHS Standards, adding actions and terminology for the digital environment that relate to privacy, cybersecurity, usability and accessibility. The NSQDMH Standards were developed using an iterative process, supported by a Digital Mental Health Advisory Group and a Technical Working Group.

In March–May 2020, the Commission consulted broadly with stakeholders across Australia and pilot tested the NSQDMH Standards with selected service providers. Planned in-person consultation forums were moved online following the introduction of travel restrictions and social distancing requirements due to the COVID‑19 pandemic.

In response to the increased demand for digital mental health services during the COVID‑19 pandemic, the Commission also developed tip sheets for consumers, carers and clinicians to help them choose a service to use or recommend.

The Commission submitted the NSQDMH Standards to the Australian Government Department of Health for approval in June 2020.