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National General Practice Accreditation Scheme

The National General Practice Accreditation (NGPA) Scheme commenced on 1 January 2017 with the primary aim of supporting national consistency of accreditation of general practices. Under the NGPA Scheme, participating general practices are accredited to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Standards for General Practices.

In 2019–20, five independent accrediting agencies were approved by the Commission to assess general practices to the Standards for General Practices. A total of 1,976 general practices were assessed by these agencies with almost all meeting the requirements of the standards and being awarded accreditation. Two general practices were not accredited.

Of the organisations assessed under the NGPA Scheme, 96% were general practices, and the remaining 4% were Aboriginal medical services. Just over two-thirds of all general practices assessed were in metropolitan areas (69%), and more than half were in New South Wales and Victoria (58%).

In relation to the workforce of the general practices assessed, the NGPA Scheme found that:

  • A little over two-thirds employed five or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE)* general practitioners
  • Two-thirds employed two or fewer FTE practice nurses.

*The NGPA Scheme defines FTE according to the number of hours worked by an employee or contractor in the practice. One FTE is equivalent to 38 hours per week.