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Table 9: Summary of the Commission’s compliance with ecologically sustainable development, 2019–20

The Commission is committed to making a positive contribution to ecological sustainability. Table 9 details the Commission’s activities in accordance with section 516A(6) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 requirement

Commission response

Activities of the Commission during 2019–20 accord with the principles of ecologically sustainable development

The Commission ensures that its decision-making and operational activities mitigate environmental impact. The principles of ecologically sustainable development are embedded in the Commission’s approach to its work plan, and corporate, purchasing and operational guidelines.

Outcomes specified for the Commission in an Appropriation Act for 2019–20 contribute to ecologically sustainable development

The Commission’s single appropriations outcome focuses on improving safety and quality in health care across the Australian health system. As such, the Commission does not directly contribute to ecologically sustainable development.

Effects of the Commission’s activities on the environment

The Commission’s offices are located in a 5-star* building, and the Commission works proactively with building management to achieve energy savings, where possible. The Commission continues to improve its dissemination of publications, reports and written materials through electronic media to minimise printing output.

Measures the Commission is taking to minimise its impact on the environment

To reduce its environmental impact, the Commission is improving its website functionality and increasing the use of multi-channel strategies to distribute information electronically.

To reduce travel, the Commission uses remote meeting attendance options, where feasible. Most staff have been working and attending meetings remotely during the pandemic.

Responsible use of materials, electricity and water, and disposal of waste are expected of all staff and visitors.

Mechanisms for reviewing and increasing the effectiveness of these measures

The Commission has established mechanisms to review current practices and policies. In addition, staff are encouraged to identify initiatives to adopt behaviours, procedures or policies that may minimise their environmental impact, and that of their team and the Commission more broadly.