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Providing guidance and advice

The Commission supports health service organisations by providing evidence-based information, education and guidance for policy, strategy and action to improve safety and quality in high-risk areas. Areas addressed include infection prevention and control, antimicrobial stewardship and medication safety, management and prevention of deterioration in physical and mental state, management of cognitive impairment, prevention of falls and pressure injuries, and open disclosure and clinical communication.

The Commission provides an advice centre to support health service organisations and approved accrediting agencies with the implementation of the NSQHS Standards. During 2019, a quality assurance evaluation of the NSQHS Standards advice centre was undertaken, including review of processes, data collection tools, data reporting and email responses. In addition, a user satisfaction survey was conducted to help to evaluate and inform the service.

In 2019–20, the Commission’s advice centre responded to 2,666 enquiries, comprising 743 phone enquiries and 1,923 email enquiries. The Commission continues to meet its service targets, responding to 98% of email enquiries within five business days.