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4.3 Related Party Disclosures

Related party relationships

The Commission is an Australian Government controlled entity. Related parties to this entity are Key Management Personnel including the Portfolio Minister and Executive, and other Australian Government entities.

Transactions with related parties

Given the breadth of Government activities, related parties may transact with the government sector in the same capacity as ordinary citizens. Such transactions include the payment or refund of taxes, receipt of a Medicare rebate or higher education loans. These transactions have not been separately disclosed in this note.

Several directors of the Commission hold directorships with other organisations. All transactions between the Commission and organisations with a director common to the Commission, or any dealings between the Commission and directors individually, are conducted using commercial and arms-length principles.

The following transactions with related parties occurred during the financial year:

  Dr Helena Williams provided project support and expert advice to the Commission. Fees paid by the Commission for these services were $3,304 (2019: $nil).