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Other committees and consultations

The Board has established two subcommittees that provide specific advice and support across all relevant areas of its work, and are chaired by members of the Board. These are the:

  • Private Hospital Sector Committee
  • Primary Care Committee.

The Private Hospital Sector Committee is chaired by Ms Christine Gee, and the Primary Care Committee is chaired by Dr Helena Williams.

The Commission works closely with a number of other expert committees, working parties and reference groups, established for limited periods, to inform and support its work. These groups allow the Commission to draw on expert knowledge, consult with relevant key individuals and organisations, and develop appropriate implementation strategies.

The Commission consults widely with subject-matter experts, peak bodies, states and territories, consumers, and other relevant organisations and individuals. This includes ongoing discussions with key national and other organisations, and with an extensive network for formal reference and advisory groups. The Commission also undertakes formal consultation on specific issues.