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Report about witness identity protection certificates given by the Integrity Commissioner from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 [s 15MU(1) Crimes Act]

The number of witness identity certificates given during the year.

[s 15MU(2)(a)]


The basis on which the Integrity Commissioner was satisfied about the matters mentioned in s 15ME(1)(b) for each certificate.

[s 15MU(2)(b)]

Not applicable

If disclosure of an operative’s identity to a presiding officer was required by s 15ML—details of the proceeding in relation to which disclosure was required and details of the things that the presiding officer required the operative to do under that section.

[s 15MU(2)(c)]

Not applicable

If leave was given or an order made under s 15MM in a proceeding in which a witness identity protection certificate for an operative was filed—details of the proceeding that relate to the leave or order.

[s 15MU(2)(d)]

Not applicable

If leave was given for joinder of a person as a respondent to proceedings under s 15MN—details of the person who was joined and who appeared on their behalf.

[s 15MU(2)(e)]

Not applicable

If leave was given for an adjournment under s 15MP—details of whether an appeal was made against the decision under that section.

[s 15MU(2)(f)]

Not applicable

If a witness identity protection certificate was cancelled under s 15MQ—the reasons why the certificate was cancelled.

[s 15MU(2)(g)]

Not applicable

If a permission was given under s 15MR—the reasons why the permission was given.

[s 15MU(2)(h)]

Not applicable

Other information relating to witness identity protection certificates and the administration of Part IACA of the Crimes Act that the Minister considers appropriate.

[s 15MU(2)(i)]

Not applicable