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ACLEI’s performance reporting framework 2019–20

ACLEI’s performance reporting framework consists of a number of elements.

The Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act 2006 (LEIC Act)

The LEIC Act establishes the office of the Integrity Commissioner and the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) and details the Integrity Commissioner’s functions. It also sets ACLEI’s priorities—to investigate allegations of serious and systemic corrupt conduct in designated law enforcement agencies. In conjunction with the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Regulations 2017 (LEIC Regulations), the LEIC Act details a range of reporting requirements, including specifying a range of matters which must be reported in the Integrity Commissioner’s annual report.

Portfolio budget statements

ACLEI operates under the Australian Government’s outcomes and programs framework. Government outcomes are the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the government on the Australian community, and government programs are the primary means by which agencies achieve their intended outcomes.

The portfolio budget statements (PBS) set out the outcome that government seeks from ACLEI in meeting the objects of the LEIC Act and the program that is the primary vehicle by which ACLEI will achieve the outcome.

Under the heading ‘Portfolio budget statements’ there are two boxes. On the left hand side is a box titled ‘ACLEI’s outcome’ with the text ‘Independent assurance to the Australian Government that Commonwealth law enforcement agencies and their staff act with integrity by detecting, investigating and preventing corruption’. An arrow leads from this box to the box on the right hand side titled ‘ACLEI’s program’ with the text ‘Detect, investigate and prevent corruption in prescribed law enforcement agencies; assist law enforcement agencies to maintain and improve the integrity of staff members’.

Corporate plan

The ACLEI 2019–23 Corporate Plan, prepared for 2019–20 in accordance with the requirements of the PGPA Act, set ACLEI’s purpose—to make it more difficult for corruption in designated Australian Government law enforcement agencies to occur or remain undetected. It also details (at pages 14–17) how we assess our performance against the performance criteria set out in the PBS, using a range of qualitative and quantitative indicators.