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Purpose, outcome and program

The purpose of ACIAR is:

To contribute to reducing poverty and improving the livelihoods of many in the Indo-Pacific region through more productive and sustainable agriculture emerging from collaborative international research.

Our purpose reflects the commitment of the Australian Government development assistance program to promote Australia’s national interests by contributing to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in our region. We work with public and private research institutions to improve the productivity and sustainability of agricultural systems and the resilience of food systems in partner countries. In doing so, ACIAR contributes to poverty reduction and improved livelihoods in low- and middle-income countries.

Our purpose also supports Australia’s national interests by contributing to sustainable economic growth and enhanced regional stability, with a particular focus on economic diplomacy and women’s economic empowerment.

Under the enhanced Commonwealth performance framework, ACIAR works to one government outcome (Outcome 1) and one program (Program 1). Government outcomes are the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the government on the Australian community. Programs are the primary vehicle by which government entities achieve the intended results of their outcomes.

ACIAR plans and implements its operations according to its 10-Year Strategy 2018–2027, which defines six high-level objectives that guide primary planning documents. Performance for the period covered in this annual report is guided by the ACIAR Corporate Plan 2019–20, which covers the four-year period 2019–20 to 2022–23.

The Corporate Plan 2019–20 identifies targets for performance, which are aligned with performance criteria and targets set out for ACIAR in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20.

ACIAR performance structure illustrates the relationship between the outcome, program and purpose of ACIAR, as set out in Portfolio Budget Statements 2019–20, and how ACIAR plans and reports its performance according to these.

ACIAR performance structure Diagram showing relationship of ACIAR portfolio budget statements, corporate plan and annual performance statement