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ABS workforce strategy

The ABS Workforce Strategy 2015–2019 provides a strategic outlook for transforming our workforce and driving high performance. It complements the ABS Corporate Plan and focuses exclusively on the workforce culture and capability. A revised Workforce Strategy is being developed in 2019 to reflect updated ABS strategic priorities.

ABS workforce planning

Workforce planning ensures the ABS can respond to both external and internal changes in its operating environment. At the strategic level, the ABS workforce plan considers talent management, succession planning, employee engagement and organisational and cultural change.

Workforce planning supports the dynamic nature of the ABS work program by ensuring the organisation has the capabilities required to deliver economic and social indicators that support national decision making and inform policy development. As we move to the next phase of our ongoing transformation, workforce plans are being reviewed to focus on building capabilities to support emerging priorities in the areas of information leadership and the delivery of innovative new statistical services.