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ABS Portfolio Budget Statement outcome and program

The ABS Portfolio Budget Statement outlines a single outcome for the agency:

Decisions on important matters made by governments, business and the broader community are informed by objective, relevant and trusted official statistics produced through the collection and integration of data, its analysis, and the provision of statistical information.

The ABS’ program contributes to the outcome through delivery of high-quality statistical information to inform discussion of Australia’s most important issues and through engaging with users within government, business and the community to ensure they have confidence in the statistical resources available to enable them to make informed decisions.

Economic statistics are produced predominantly from data collected through the ABS business survey program as well as administrative data sources. They include an extensive range of statistical outputs relating to the structure and performance of the Australian economy.

Population and social statistics are produced from data collected through the ABS household survey program as well as administrative data. They include statistical information relating to the Australian population, including Census and demographic statistics, as well as information relating to the social and economic wellbeing of the population.

An outline of how the ABS has met its program deliverables for 2018–19 is provided in the Annual Performance Statement.

The ABS’ Portfolio Budget Statement, which outlines the organisation’s outcome, program and deliverables, is available on the Treasury website at https://treasury.gov.au/publication/portfolio-budget-statements-2018-19.