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Statement by the Accountable Authority and Chief Finance Officer

Primary financial statements

Statement of Comprehensive Income

Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Changes in Equity

Cash Flow Statement

Administered Schedule of Comprehensive Income

Administered Schedule of Assets and Liabilities

Administered Reconciliation Schedule

Administered Cash Flow Statement


Notes to the financial statements

1. Financial Performance
1.1. Expenses
1.2. Own-Source Revenue and Gains
2. Financial Position
2.1. Financial Assets
2.2. Non-Financial Assets
2.3. Payables
2.4. Provisions
3. Funding
3.1. Appropriations
4. People and Relationships
4.1. Key Management Personnel Remuneration
4.2. Related Party Disclosures
5. Managing Uncertainties
5.1. Contingent Assets and Liabilities
5.2. Financial Instruments