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Organisational structure

The ABS is led by the Australian Statistician – a statutory office established by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Act 1975.

To remain relevant and capitalise on the opportunities of a dynamic information environment, the ABS has been fundamentally transforming across all aspects of the organisation since 2015. Alongside this transformation agenda, the ABS continues to produce a range of economic, industry, population and social statistics to inform Australia’s decision-making.

The production of these statistics involves extensive data collection through censuses and surveys as well as from administrative and other transactional data sources. The ABS undertakes extensive analysis and interpretation of the data in order to provide high quality, objective and relevant statistical information that meets user requirements in a variety of formats. The ABS is supported by statistical, corporate and data services that enable the organisation to deliver relevant, trusted, objective data, statistics and insights.

Organisational chartOrganisational chartas at 30 June 2018