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ABCC Executive

The ABCC Executive comprises the Commissioner, three Deputy Commissioners and two Senior Executive Service (SES) positions.

Stephen McBurney, Commissioner

Stephen McBurney was appointed Commissioner on 6 February 2018 for a period of five years. As Commissioner, he is responsible for all functions and services delivered by the ABCC.

Jill Jepson, Deputy Commissioner Corporate and Code

Jill Jepson was appointed as a Deputy Commissioner on 17 December 2018. Jill has responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer and oversees the agency’s national building code activities.

Cliff Pettit, Deputy Commissioner Operations

Cliff Pettit was appointed as a Deputy Commissioner on 10 July 2017. Cliff provides strategic oversight of the agency’s national operational functions, including the agency’s wages and entitlements activities.

Matt Kelleher, Deputy Commissioner Legal

Matt Kelleher was appointed as a Deputy Commissioner on 7 January 2019. Matt manages the legal functions of the agency. This includes oversight of all ABCC legal proceedings and providing high-level legal and strategic advice to the Commissioner and the agency.

Janine Drennan, National Manager Building Code

Janine Drennan was appointed as National Manager Building Code in August 2017. Janine oversees the compliance strategy and administration of the building codes.

Murray Gregor, Executive Director Operations

Murray Gregor was appointed as Executive Director Operations in July 2019, having previously held this role in an acting capacity. Murray oversees operational matters, including proactive compliance activities, investigations, local stakeholder engagement and education.