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Quality, distinctiveness and trust

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Play School ’s NAIDOC Special. L-R presenters Miranda Tapsall, Hunter Page-Lochard, Luke Carroll and Matthew Doyle. Image: Play School

The ABC Corporate Tracking Program (the Program) provides insights into community perceptions and beliefs about the value of the ABC’s contribution to Australian society. The Program is conducted three times per year among a nationally representative sample of people aged 18-75 years, via an online methodology

Overall community sentiment towards the ABC declined compared with the previous period, however the majority of Australians (78%) believe that the ABC performs a valuable role in the Australian community, with 35% rating the role the ABC plays as 'very valuable'.

Respondents were asked about their views on the quality of ABC television. Consistent with previous surveys, most Australians (78%) remained of the view that ABC television provides good quality programming, and 67% felt it does a 'good job' in terms of the number of shows it provides that they personally like to watch. By contrast, 69% of respondents described the quality of commercial TV as 'good'.

Regarding ABC Radio, 58% of Australians believed the quality of programming on ABC Radio was 'good', while 56% of the population believed that commercial radio offered good quality programming.

When asked about their usage of the ABC website and online services, among those respondents who ever use the ABC website, the vast majority (92%) believed the quality of content was 'good', with 41% of ABC online users rating the quality as 'very good'. Further, 89% of users also felt that ABC Online did a 'good job' in the amount of relevant content it provided.

The Program also explored public perceptions about the ABC’s performance in relation to specific aspects of the Corporation’s Charter. The majority of Australians believed the ABC was doing 'a good job' fulfilling its various Charter obligations over 2019-20, and 77% of respondents believed the ABC did a 'good job' of being Distinctively Australian. 72% believed the ABC did a 'good job' of being 'accurate and impartial' when reporting news and current affairs.

The ABC continued to outperform commercial media in the provision of news and information on country and regional Australia among both city based (73%) and country/regional (72%) populations, and overall, 72% of Australians believed that the ABC did a 'good job' covering country and regional issues compared with 61% for commercial media.

78% of Australian adults aged 18-75 years trust the information that the ABC provides: significantly higher than the levels of trust recorded for internet search engines such as Google (70%), Commercial Radio (60%), Commercial TV (59%), Newspaper publishers (58%) and Facebook (35%).1


  1. 2020 Source: ABC Corporate Tracking Program (n=4752), online methodology, people aged 18-75 years. ABC Audience Insights.