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Charter – the fundamental operating responsibilities of the ABC, as set out in section 6 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983

Consolidated 28 – total viewings of television broadcast content including those watched live and those played back within 28 days of the live broadcast

DAB+ – a radio frequency allowing digital simulcast of analogue stations and the broadcast of digital-only stations

five-city metropolitan reach – the combined audience reach of a television or radio service in the five cities of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Google Analytics – Google Analytics only reports demographics for around half of all unique users, and so should be treated as an indicative sample rather than an absolute measurement

livestream/ing – broadcast of an event or content on an internet-capable device as it happens

prime time – peak viewing/listening time for television and radio audiences

reach – the total number of people who have viewed, listened or visited a service over a given time frame

share – the percentage of the listening/viewing audience tuned to a particular service on a platform over a given time frame

spill – viewing a TV station which can be received outside its geographic coverage area