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Corporate reporting

Compliance reporting

Any significant non-compliance with the finance law must be reported to the responsible Minister under section 19(1)(e) of the PGPA Act and must also be disclosed in the Annual Report together with an outline of the action taken to remedy the non-compliance.

To meet these requirements, the ABC maintains an internal compliance reporting framework, comprising internal controls and governance procedures together with other sources of assurance and information to ensure that relevant PGPA Act reporting requirements are achieved.

There was no significant non-compliance with the finance law – which includes the PGPA Act and Rule and any other instrument made under the PGPA Act, for example the PGPA Financial Reporting Rule 2015 – required to be notified to the responsible Minister under section 19(1) (e) of the PGPA Act during the 2019-20 reporting period.

Annual Report

The ABC is required by section 46 of the PGPA Act to prepare an Annual Report. The report must be submitted to the responsible minister for presentation to the Parliament. The ABC Annual Report 2019 was submitted to the Minister for Communications and was tabled in Parliament on 16 October 2019.

Report against the ABC Corporate Plan 2019-20

Reports against the key performance indicators and forward estimates presented in the ABC Corporate Plan 2019 are set out in the Annual Performance Statements, and the Financial Statements.