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MATCH Lab supports artists to build fundraising skills, develop broader arts business knowledge and create sustainable sources of revenue for their work. A development program specifically for independent artists and collectives, MATCH Lab couples a leveraged funding opportunity with long-term skills development to embed essential fundraising experience within the independent arts sector.

This year, 25 artists participated in MATCH Lab and attended Raising Money for Your Art, a two-day professional development and fundraising clinic held in November 2019. Armed with new skills and knowledge to develop their fundraising strategies, 10 artists completed their campaigns with confidence, raising $127,400 from 721 donors by 30 June 2020. With matched funding of $87,000 from Creative Partnerships Australia, $214,400 has been invested into the arts sector through this program to date.

The 15 artists who extended their fundraising campaigns into 2020/21 due to COVID-19 will complete their fundraising by the end of January 2021. Creative Partnerships Australia has committed $139,000 in matched funding to these extended campaigns.

fundraisers (15 artists will complete fundraising in 2020/21)



matched by us (with an additional $139,000 committed to the 2019/20 program to be granted in the next financial year)

invested by 30 June 2020

COVID-10 Response Grants

In response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Creative Partnerships Australia partnered with Theatre Network Australia and the National Association for the Visual Arts to provide critical support to Australian artists who were directly affected by loss of income. Through this initiative, Creative Partnerships Australia provided over $190,000 in funding support through COVID-19 response grants that matched funds from 651 donors to Theatre Network Australia’s 1000 x 1000: Crisis Cash for Artists campaign and National Association for the Visual Arts’ Artists’ Benevolent Fund.

MATCH Lab Case Study: Adriano Cappelletta

Adriano Cappelletta, Never Let Me Go  Clare Hawley
Photo: Clare Hawley
Adriano Cappelletta is an actor, writer and theatre maker based in New South Wales with 15 years’ experience in the industry, performing and presenting his original work in Australia and internationally. His new play Never Let Me Go chronicles the history of the AIDS epidemic in Sydney from the early 80s as the gay community and politicians fought public scrutiny to educate Australians on the virus and save more than 250,000 lives. This project was successful in securing $7,000 of matched funding through MATCH Lab.

Participating in the Raising Money for Your Art clinic provided Adriano with the skills, support and confidence he needed to launch his fundraising campaign. “It was the support that mattered the most. It can feel isolating making work and gathering momentum for its realisation and having the support to learn skills and give me confidence in that process was a gift!”

Adriano’s campaign launch was key to the overall success of his campaign. It provided Adriano with the opportunity to speak directly with the attendees, communicate his passion for the project and emphasise the importance of donating. Almost everyone who attended the launch donated to the project and Adriano reached 50% of his target in the first day, forming a community of supporters that encouraged him to reach out to other potential donors.

Adriano created an innovative social campaign that involved celebrating each donation with a video of himself dancing. This personal and creative touch kept his community engaged and entertained, and helped spread the news of his project, with many of his social posts shared to beyond his usual networks. Adriano reached his fundraising target, raising a total of $7,084, which Creative Partnerships Australia supportedwith$7,000ofmatchedfunds.To celebrate the success of his campaign, Adriano compiled a mega-mix dance video, tagging all his donors on social media to say thank you.

MATCH Lab Case Study: re:group performance collective

re:group performance collective, Route Dash Niner Part 2  James Harding
Photo: James Harding
The re:group performance collective is a multi- disciplinary group of artists based in Hobart, Wollongong and Sydney that make large-scale live cinema events. Re:group applied for the MATCH Lab program to gain new skills in creating fundraising plans, to identify potential partnerships, and meet like-minded peers and future collaborators.

Attending the Raising Money for Your Art clinic helped re:group centre their fundraising strategy around socially engaging activities, including a launch party and crowdfunding campaign. Re:group adapted to COVID-19 social restrictions with the support of Creative Partnerships Australia, using elements from their original strategy to continue with their fundraising goals.

Focusing on their strong community of friends, family and colleagues, re:group sought support through targeted eCommunication sand phone calls, directing donations through the Australian Cultural Fund. As the campaign built momentum, they received several significant donations, with one funder providing 63% of their total fundraising goal.

Although the pandemic took the campaign in an unexpected direction, re:group adapted to the environment by successfully reach their target of $8,000, with Creative Partnerships Australia providing $5,000 in matched funds. Carly Young, re:group artist praised the MATCH Lab program, stating it “provided an opportunity for me to meet learn, share and support the other MATCH Lab recipients. It is rare to engage with such a diverse pool of artists across a wide range of creative genres, industries, campaigns and practices, and I learnt a lot from the workshop facilitators, guest speakers and participants.”