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Audit and Risk Committee

The Creative Partnerships Australia Board maintains an Audit and Risk Committee, in accordance with the PGPA Act. The Committee is guided by an Audit and Risk Committee Charter that specifies the role and responsibilities of the Committee.

The Charter is endorsed by the Board and reviewed annually. The Audit and Risk Committee undertakes a performance self-assessment process on a periodic basis.

During the 2018-19 financial year, the Audit Committee comprised the following Directors:

  • Ms Rosheen Garnon (Chair)
  • Ms Carol Schwartz AM (until 15 December 2018)
  • Ms Samantha Meers AO (until 13 March 2019)
  • Adjunct Professor the Hon Chris Pearce (from 14 May 2019)
  • Ms Brett Torossi (until 15 May 2019)
  • Mr Leonard Vary (from 12 March 2019)

The Audit and Risk Committee oversaw a range of issues during the year, including approval of the internal audit scope and consideration of its findings, review of Creative Partnerships Australia’s risk management framework and strategy and the financial statements audit.