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Research, Trends and Insights into Private Giving

From this year, Creative Partnerships Australia will regularly engage in research and data collection on the trends in private sector support, resulting in biennial reports that provide insight into philanthropy, sponsorship, partnerships and investment with and in the arts.

In late 2018, Creative Partnerships Australia commissioned a national survey to estimate the value and significance of private sector support in the arts and learn about the challenges and opportunities facing arts organisations in attracting philanthropic support.

The survey was established to collect important information from arts and cultural organisations and build a comprehensive understanding of private sector support on a national scale, identifying areas for organisational development. The first of its kind in ten years, the survey will help articulate the importance of private support to the ongoing sustainability and resilience of the arts sector.

Creative Partnerships Australia will use the results from the survey to develop and refine our
programs and sector development activities and to better support arts organisations to secure lasting private sector support.

The results will also provide a valuable opportunity for arts organisations to benchmark their own fundraising activities and results. The survey is in its final stages with results to be published late 2019.

In August 2018, we supported the Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG) in the release of their annual survey on trends and insights into the fundraising of major companies. The AMPAG Tracking Changes in Corporate Sponsorship and Donations Report, prepared in collaboration with Creative Partnerships Australia, showed an increase in of 16% in private sector support to major companies to a total of $111.1 million in 2018.