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Plus1 is a matched funding program designed to enhance the fundraising efforts of small to
medium-sized arts organisations.

In 2018-19, Creative Partnerships Australia provided $1.39 million in matched funding through Plus1. The 46 organisations that participated in the program raised a total of $1.61 million, with some organisations significantly exceeding their matched funding target.

The overall investment to the arts sector from Plus1 was over $3 million, supporting fundraising campaigns for artforms including theatre, visual arts, chamber music and community arts.

Plus1 encourages participating organisations to approach their fundraising in creative ways,
attracting new supporters and amplifying the support of their current networks. This year, arts organisations raised an average of over $35,000 per campaign and secured a total of 5,705 donors. Of those, 68% were new donors. Each campaign averaged 124 donors.

Matched funding provides a compelling opportunity for supporters to multiply the impact
of their gift. With assistance from Plus1, more than 86% of this years’ participating organisations met or exceeded their fundraising target by an average of $5,724.

Our leverage impact remained steady with Plus1 organisations raising $1.15 for every $1 matched by us.

  • 46 fundraisers
  • 5,705 donors
  • $1.61 million raised
  • $1.39 million matched by us
  • More than $3 million invested

The long-term impact of Plus1

Since 2013 we have supported more than 242 arts organisations through Plus1 to build effective and creative fundraising campaigns. Through all stages of campaign development, delivery and evaluation, participating organisations build new skills to continue their success well beyond the conclusion of their participation in the program. These skills are reinforced by regular and ongoing support from Creative Partnerships Australia.

This year, Creative Partnerships Australia undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the Plus1 program. The report assessed the evolution of this program from 2014-2018 and outlined the impact this matched funding initiative has had on the Australian arts sector. An overwhelming 98% of Plus1 participants surveyed for this report responded that their experience in the program increased their confidence when approaching new and existing donors for support.

The lasting effects of a Plus1 campaign on participants were clearly demonstrated, with 98% of these organisations reporting that the donors they gained during the Plus1 program were still donating upon completion of the program.

The report outlined other significant long-term benefits of the Plus1 program, such as the ability for participants to employ dedicated development staff that were able to raise sufficient funds to cover their ongoing employment. Plus1 participation produced a positive cultural shift within organisations with regard to seeking private sector support, ensuring this became a strategic part of organisations’ operating activities.

Plus1 Case Study: Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation

Located in the Northern Territory community of Peppimenartim, Durrmu Arts Aboriginal
Corporation offers arts education, training and services to over 200 local and neighbouring community members. In 2018-19, they set goals to develop their services and used the Plus1 program to double the impact of their fundraising efforts. Through the support of over 40 community members, Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation reached their fundraising goal of $25,000.

The centre used their Plus1 campaign to reinforce their supporter base and introduce formal infrastructure to their organisation, strengthening their relationship within the local Territory community. Creative Partnerships Australia’s added incentive of matched funding helped leverage support from new and existing donors who shared the corporation’s vision to contribute to the positive development of remote Aboriginal communities through culture.

Matched funds allowed Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation to employ a Partnerships Manager who, alongside their CEO, will raise awareness of their programs and work with private, philanthropic and government sectors to support a lasting and sustainable arts corporation.

“We were really thrilled to reach the $25,000 target, and know that for many people, the incentive of knowing that their donation would be matched dollar for dollar was the driver to give to an organisation that they either already supported, or were interested to support,” says Bronwyn Lobb, Development and Partnerships Manager at Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation.

Plus1 Case Study: Sensorium Theatre

As the sole arts organisation specifically designed for young audiences with disabilities, Sensorium Theatre is unique in the Australian arts sector. They aim to improve the lives of children with disability by sparking their imaginations through art. As Plus1 recipients in 2018-19, their campaign aimed to raise funds for the continued growth of their organisational offerings, which were limited by their reliance on state and federal grants.

Brace & Blast-Off took the company’s strong track record in philanthropic fundraising to the next level, ensuring a bright future for their organisation. With solid fundraising foundations and invested donors already in place, Sensorium Theatre was in a strong position to increase donor engagement and enlist new supporters. Through a series of events, the organisation brought together current and new donors to raise funds, receiving donations that ranged $2,500 to $10,000 from a pool of 16 supporters. Our Plus1 program provided a helpful platform for the organisation to activate new donor commitment and to deepen the culture of giving.

“The Plus1 program came at an awesome time for us, when we have, as an organisation, been trying to extend ourselves and really step up. For our existing donors, I think it was really such an attraction to have the promise of matched funding behind the ask for support. Our donors stepped up and gave more, knowing that we were getting that extra backing from Creative Partnerships Australia,” says Leah Maund, Project Coordinator at Sensorium Theatre.

Sensorium Theatre almost doubled their fundraising target, generating over $47,000 that was matched dollar-for-dollar by Creative Partnerships Australia. The funds led to pioneering change in theatre for disadvantaged children and their renewed engagement with donors activated long-term donor commitment.

“Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 program prompts organisations like ours to really prioritise things like fundraising, donor engagement and relationship management, and private sector partnership building. Because it gets you doing things you may not have done before, like setting up a donor management database, donation page, and running engagement events, it gives you a real opportunity to try things out and be brave.”