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Performance measure 1.2: International law and policy advice

International law and policy advice to the government and its entities effectively addresses the needs of clients and stakeholders, and is delivered within required timeframes, and international disputes are managed effectively.

This performance measure was achieved.

Performance targets


1.2.1 Stakeholder and client satisfaction greater than 80% in relation to:

  • effectiveness (expertise and quality of relationship)
  • efficiency (timeliness and responsiveness)


1.2.2 Qualitative analysis shows the effectiveness of legal and policy advice for strengthening policy outcomes and managing international legal risk



  • Portfolio Budget Statements 2020–21, Outcome 1, Program 1.1, page 30
  • Corporate Plan 2020–24, pages 22–23

1.2.1 In response to questions related to this target in the department’s stakeholder survey, 98% of respondents rated our effectiveness positively and 90% rated our efficiency positively. A detailed explanation of the stakeholder survey methodology and results is at Appendix 2: Methodologies.

Individual comments from respondents indicate that they value the high degree of expertise the department provides in advising on international law and policy matters as well as the professional and collaborative engagement of its staff. Survey results showed that approximately 10% of respondents considered timeliness as an area of concern. This is reflected in the lower positive rating for the efficiency target. However, a number of individual survey comments reflected appreciation for the timeliness of advice they received, especially given the tight timeframes and competing demands.

1.2.2 We conducted our first qualitative assessment process in June 2021. A panel assessed the effectiveness of the legal advice and briefings selected in strengthening policy outcomes and managing legal risk by assessing them against pre-determined criteria. In applying those criteria, the panel evaluated the accuracy, clarity and timeliness of the advice provided and assessed whether that advice was context-appropriate and solutions-focused. The panel found that each of the products assessed was of a high standard and met all of the assessment criteria. In particular, the work was clear, legally accurate and solutions-focused and provided the relevant facts and information necessary for the client or the Attorney‑General to make a decision. Further information on the assessment process is in Appendix 2: Methodologies