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Our results

The processes or methodologies we followed to determine our performance results are outlined at a high level in the corporate plan. Additional information has been included where necessary to assist the reader to understand our approach and results.

All performance targets are weighted equally. Where a performance measure has more than one target, achievement of the measure has been determined by reference to the number of targets achieved. Less than one-quarter of targets achieved equates to the measure not being achieved. Up to three-quarters of targets achieved equates to partly achieved and three-quarters and over of targets achieved equates to achieved. For targets that do not have a stated benchmark (for example, per cent satisfaction), where progress has been made toward the target but the target itself has not been fully met, it has been deemed to be partly achieved.

Executive summary

The pandemic remained a dominant feature of our operating environment and will continue to impact on our work into the foreseeable future. Over the past year, we successfully contributed to the government’s response to the pandemic. We provided critical support to the legal assistance sector, enabled the implementation of the JobKeeper program and delivered legal and policy advice on a wide variety of health and economic programs. Amid this focus, we also delivered on usual business priorities and maintained the strong stakeholder relationships that are critical to our success.

Across our 5 key activities, we have demonstrated our effectiveness and efficiency in achieving our purposes through 63 targets under 22 performance measures.1 Overall, we achieved or partly achieved all of our performance measures, with 82% achieved or exceeded (18) and 18% partly achieved (4). Of our targets, we achieved or exceeded 87% (55) and partly achieved 11% (7). Only one target was not achieved (2%).

This represents a significant improvement on previous years’ performance results. In 2019–20, we achieved 75% of targets, partly achieved 7% and did not achieve 18%. The following figure illustrates the overall performance for 2020–21 compared with 2019–20. The achievement ratings reflect the percentage of targets we achieved, partly achieved or did not achieve across our purposes.

Percentage achievement of targets for 2020–21 and 2019–20 Two pie charts showing percentage of targets achieved, not achieved and partially achieved for each year 2020-21 and 2019-20. For 2020-21, 87% achieved, 11% partly achieved, 2% not achieved. For 2019-20, 75% achieved, 18% partly achieved, 7% not achieved.
We have performed strongly in each of our key activity areas, as summarised in the following table.

Summary of key activity results

Key activity

Performance measure results

1: Provide legal services and policy advice and oversee legal services across government

1.1 - Achieved

1.2 - Achieved

1.3 - Achieved

1.4 - Achieved

1.5 - Achieved

2: Manage casework

2.1 - Achieved

3: Administer and advise on legal and policy frameworks

3.1 - Partly achieved (1 target achieved, 1 partly achieved)

3.2 - Achieved

3.3 - Achieved

3.4 - Achieved

3.5 - Achieved

3.6 - Achieved

4: Administer and implement programs and services

4.1 - Partly achieved (1 target achieved, 2 partly achieved)

4.2 - Achieved

4.3 - Partly achieved (1 target partly achieved)

4.4 - Achieved

4.5 - Achieved

4.6 - Achieved

4.7 - Achieved

5: Establish and support royal commissions and other bodies

5.1 - Achieved

5.2 - Partly achieved (1 target achieved, 1 partly achieved)

5.3 - Achieved


  1. We achieved 90% and partly achieved 8% of our effectiveness targets and achieved 84% and partly achieved 16% of our efficiency targets.