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Our performance framework

In 2020, we made significant changes to our performance framework to better reflect the work of the department, improve the clarity and reliability of our performance information and facilitate a clearer read across our portfolio budget statements, corporate plan and annual report and across reporting cycles.1

As outlined in the Corporate Plan 2020–24, we achieve our purposes through 5 key activities. Collectively they describe our critical functions and activities and are not mutually exclusive. We measure our performance through:

  • performance measures that evaluate the significant types of work, projects or programs through which the department delivers each activity
  • targets to assess whether each performance measure has been achieved in the reporting cycle. Under each measure we use a suite of targets to ensure a broad and balanced approach that provides a clear picture of achievement. We have targets to measure our effectiveness and efficiency. As a primarily policy and legal adviser to government, reliable and meaningful data is not always available to measure our efficiency. Accordingly, in some cases, we use proxies to help us understand how efficiently we conduct our business.


  1. The performance measures and targets contained in the Corporate Plan 2020–24 reset the performance criteria and targets that were presented in the department’s 2020–21 Portfolio Budget Statements.