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Performance measure 4.5: Building counter-fraud and protective security capability across government

Leadership, guidance and capability building is provided across Australian Government departments and agencies to improve their capacity to counter fraud (through the Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre) and improve their protective security practices, and the Protective Security Policy Framework and the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework are administered effectively.

This performance measure was achieved.

Performance targets


4.5.1 Stakeholder and client satisfaction greater than 80% in relation to:

  • effectiveness (expertise and quality of relationship)
  • efficiency (timeliness and responsiveness)


4.5.2 Qualitative analysis of the effectiveness of products and services in maintaining and improving the effectiveness of counter-fraud and protective security responses



  • Portfolio Budget Statements 2020–21, Outcome 1, Program 1.2, page 33
  • Corporate Plan 2020–24, page 39

4.5.1 In response to questions related to this target in the department’s stakeholder survey, 94% of respondents rated our effectiveness positively and 92% rated our efficiency positively. A detailed explanation of the stakeholder survey methodology and results is at Appendix 2: Methodologies.

These results exceeded effectiveness and efficiency targets. Respondents indicated that we are generally engaged, professional and informed and support entities to deliver on their protective security and fraud control responsibilities. There is room for improvement in the timeliness of responses and this will be a focus for the coming year.

4.5.2 Qualitative analysis was undertaken using targeted surveys to test our products and services in maintaining and improving the effectiveness of counter fraud and protective security responses.

The Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre received survey responses from 47 respondents who had worked with the centre over the course of the year. Results showed that 83% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the centre had assisted to improve their capability to counter fraud. Our goal of greater than 80% for this target was therefore met.

This year, we also surveyed entities about their views on the protective security policy support we provided and received 60 responses. Overall, 85% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the support provided by the department during the reporting period was timely and helpful. Our goal of greater than 80% for this target was therefore met.

We committed to and achieved a comprehensive list of deliverables under this performance target including the release of guidance products, the delivery of 3 Government Security Committee meetings and the conduct of 3 stakeholder engagement forums. In 2020–21, we completed 8 counter fraud guidance pieces and held 17 workshops. We completed guidance material including the Disaster Relief and Recovery Counter Fraud Toolkit, the Fraud Risk Assessment leading practice guide and the Data Sharing Pilots leading practice guide. We conducted 9 Fraud Narrative workshops, 4 Fraud Risk Assessment workshops and 3 Pressure Testing workshops. We amended PSPF policies 8 and 11 to reflect updated technical advice and published a guide for Chief Security Officers.

Despite restrictions on face-to-face meetings due to the pandemic, the department held 3 forums to connect Australian Government entities with people and organisations with technical and policy expertise. To supplement the fewer face-to-face meetings, we produced regular newsletters, conducted virtual meetings and provided guidance and advice via email and a dedicated hotline.