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Performance measure 1.4: Operation of Australian Government Solicitor

AGS operates as a self-funded legal services provider competing for work in the Commonwealth legal services market.

This performance measure was achieved.

Performance targets


1.4.1 AGS’s Net Production (including lawyer utilisation) meets the annual budget target


1.4.2 The total cost per full-time equivalent (FTE) is maintained within CPI and pay rise percentage of the prior year



  • Portfolio Budget Statements 2020–21, Outcome 1, Program 1.3, page 34
  • Corporate Plan 2020–24, page 24

1.4.1 The Net Production result is the sum of all individual fee earners’ net production results for the year. The Net Production result for 2020–21 was 108%. This exceeded the budgeted target of 103% and reflects strong client demand throughout the year.

1.4.2 The total cost per full-time equivalent (equal to one full-time staff member) was $213,615, being 4.4% lower (better) than the $223,260 average achieved in 2019–20. This reflects improved leverage (more fee earners) with approximately the same level of overheads. We use this target as a proxy measure for efficiency, with the total cost per FTE showing how we are controlling costs year-to-year and against budget.