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Corrections to previous annual report

The Attorney-General’s Department Annual Report 2018–19 contained minor errors.

On page 83, under the heading ‘Consultants’ (Part 3 – Management and Accountability), figures from the 2017–18 Annual Report were mistakenly printed, rather than the 2018–19 figures. The correct figures for 2018–19 should have been $1.278m on new consultancy contracts and $1.057m on ongoing consultancy contracts - equalling a total of $2.335m.

On page 121, the 2019 figure for short-term employee salary contained in note 2.4 on key management personnel remuneration (Part 4 – Financial Statements) is incorrect. The figure should have been $2.468m, not $2.508m - $40,000 less than the published figure. The corresponding total is also incorrect by $40,000 and should have been $3.230m, not $3.270m.