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Our performance framework

The objective of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) is to provide a coherent system of governance and accountability for public resources, with an emphasis on planning, performance and reporting.

Each year, as part of the federal budget, we publish portfolio budget statements (PBS) that set out our outcomes, allocate the resources to deliver these outcomes under ten programs and establish high-level performance measures by which we evaluate our success. In the 2019–20 PBS, we used the markers of ‘effectiveness’ and ‘efficiency’ to measure our success in meeting our outcomes over the year.1

The outcomes established in the PBS mirror the purposes set out in our annual corporate plan. To achieve these purposes, we undertake activities across six strategic priority areas and establish performance measures and targets to measure our progress.2

At the end of the performance cycle, we report on our success in achieving our key activities and performance measures in the annual performance statement of our annual report. Key activities can be found in the Key activities section and the performance results can be found at the Our results section.

Figure 2 illustrates our performance framework.

Our performance framework Three-column diagram. The left column is about Portfolio Budget Statements that have outcomes, programs and high-level performance measures. The right column is about the Corporate Plan that has purposes, strategic priorities and key activities and their targets. The centre column shows the connection between outcomes and purposes through the department’s two outcome/purpose statements. It shows the connection between the programs and the strategic priorities through the department’s ten program areas. It shows the connection between the high-level performance measures and the key activities through the department’s performance measures. Below the columns, it shows that the annual report reconciles the aims of the corporate plan and the program areas of the portfolio budget statements.

Note: Program 2.3 – Workers compensation payments under Outcome 2 is managed by Comcare. Comcare reports against this program and associated performance measures in the Comcare annual report.


  1. The 2018–19 Portfolio Budget Statement included a performance criterion of community impact. We streamlined the performance criteria in the Corporate Plan 2019–23 to only include effectiveness in achieving objectives and efficiency in meeting goals. This is in recognition that community impact falls under the performance criteria of effectiveness.
  2. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our performance framework. As part of the development of our 2020–24 Corporate Plan, we are updating our performance measures for 2020 and beyond to ensure they accurately reflect and measure the work we do and comply with the new requirements in the recently amended PGPA Rule.