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Infrastructure Development

ASC’s modern submarine construction and maintenance facilities are unrivalled in Australia.

ASC operates two submarine sustainment facilities at Osborne, SA and Henderson, WA. ASC utilises Australian Government owned infrastructure for delivery of its shipbuilding programs through Australian National Infrastructure (ANI).

ASC North

FCD maintenance of the CCSM is undertaken at the ASC North facility located at Osborne, SA.

Work was undertaken throughout 2019/20 to improve and upgrade the facility, including:

  • An upgrade to the site’s ship lift, a new lubrication system commissioned, and major repairs to the concrete support structure.
  • Construction of a covered storage area at the water workshop, to allow weatherproof storage of components.
  • A major upgrade to the ventilation and fume extraction systems in the non-destructive testing and general laboratory area.
  • Minor office upgrades.

ASC West

The ASC West facility at Henderson completes shorter maintenance dockings and in-service support of the CCSM fleet.

Throughout 2019/20, ASC West continued significant facility upgrades including:

  • Installation of new fire safety measures including a new water service gantry in the maintenance hall and new flooring in the switchrooms.
  • Replacement of seawater pumps and valves located on the CUF.
  • Upgrade to the cooking facilities in the catering area.
  • Installation of a weather shelter over the entrance area.


ASC South

The ASC South facility located at Osborne, was the site of construction of the three Hobart Class AWDs, which concluded in early 2020. ASC vacated the shipyard in April 2020, handing over the main administration building to ASC Shipbuilding (BAE Systems).

The facility remains the construction site of the first and second Arafura Class OPVs. ASC works with ANI to manage the commercial and operational arrangements required for the delivery of its remaining obligations for the AWD program and continued construction of the OPVs.