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Maritime Services Group

Air Warfare Destroyer HMAS Hobart
Air Warfare Destroyer HMAS Hobart

Following structural separation of ASC in December 2018, MSG was created, amalgamating the activity and focus of the Submarine Capability Development Group and responsibility for the delivery of the AWD and OPV programs.

Leveraging ASC’s submarine, design, shipbuilding capability and expertise, MSG pursues opportunities with national and international maritime businesses to:

  • Secure new lines of revenue;
  • Support capability development within Australia’s submarine industry; and
  • Enable ASC’s workforce to remain Australia’s leading provider of submarine platform expertise and services.

These opportunities will allow ASC to support its customer and remain regionally superior, while supporting the Commonwealth’s plans for a sovereign sustainable shipbuilding sector, and a successful transition to a two-class submarine fleet.

2018/19 Partnerships and Agreements

ASC maintains its relationship with Naval Group and Lockheed Martin, along with its commitment to pursuing opportunities that will add value to the program, based on ASC’s experience and expertise in building and sustaining submarines in the Australian environment.

ASC supports the Commonwealth’s FSM program through the provision of technical personnel to the Future Submarine Technical Office (FSTO), as well as through its Framework Agreement with Naval Group, which enables both companies to work collaboratively in support of Australia’s submarine programs.

Saab-Kockums A26 Program

In early 2019, ASC entered into an agreement with Saab Group to provide engineering services for the A26 submarine program. Following the successful completion of an initial pilot program, ASC’s experienced submarine designers are now delivering specialist detailed design services into the Saab A26 Program, from the ASC North site in Osborne, South Australia.

Schneider Electric

In support of building Australian submarine capability, ASC entered into an agreement with Schneider Electric in March 2019 to further support the CCSM and FSM programs.

Schneider Electric is an established supplier to ASC of major power switching and circuit breaker equipment for the CCSM fleet. Collaboration with ASC boosts Australian industry capability to deliver effective long-term support to the CCSM platforms.

The collaboration will see graduate engineers from Schneider Electric and ASC spend time working in each company’s submarine-related operations to foster understanding in support of submarine work in Australia and to further drive collaboration between the two companies.

Jeumont Electric

In November 2018, ASC entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with the French submarine motor manufacturer Jeumont Electric to explore synergies of initiatives in support of both the CCSM and FSM Programs.

Jeumont Electric is the supplier of the main motors for the CCSM fleet, as well as the preferred supplier of the new generation permanent magnet motors for the FSM program.

The collaboration agreement is enabling both parties to work together for the ongoing sustainment and upgrade of the CCSM fleet, as well as in preparation to support the design, build and test of the main motors for the FSM program.


At Euronaval 2018, ASC announced its strengthened collaboration with ENDEL ENGIE, a French leader in industrial maintenance and established supplier of construction and assembly services to Naval Group’s submarine programs in Cherbourg, France.

The collaboration brings together ASC’s experience in the construction and maintenance of Australia’s CCSM fleet, with ENDEL ENGIE’s 20 years of established expertise in construction and the maintenance of frigates and submarines with Naval Group to provide additional submarine-building capacity in Australia to the FSM program.

Groupe FIVA

In October 2018, ASC signed a collaboration agreement with Group FIVA aimed at working towards the development of a joint submarine workforce in Australia with capability to satisfy the future demands for design services in Australia, in support of the FSM program.

The collaboration supports the combined synergies and capabilities resulting from the partnership of a long-term European partner of Naval Group, FIVA, and an experienced and reputable Australian submarine builder and maintainer, ASC.

Adelaide University Maritime Engineering Program

In supporting the attraction, retention and growth of Australia’s future and current submarine workforce, ASC continues its work with the University of Adelaide and the Masters of Marine Engineering (MME) program.

The program is supported by the expertise and resources of ASC, to help post graduate students at the University prepare for a career building and sustaining Australia’s current and future submarines.

Growing from 27 students in 2017, the 2019 academic program is being undertaken by 49 students, completing the Masters by course-work in submarine design (Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering), sustainment, supply chain, project manager and related subjects, as part of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Internationally recognised ASC instructors are subject matter experts with experience working on more than ten submarine classes from the UK, France, Spain, Sweden and Australia. Students include recent graduates, as well as those drawn from industry, Defence, and French exchange students from the French Grande Ecole d’Ingenieurs ENSTA Bretagne, which, last year, signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Adelaide.