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Infrastructure Development

ASC operates two modern facilities; ASC North, a submarine maintenance facility located at Osborne, South Australia and ASC West, submarine maintenance facilities at Henderson, Western Australia.

ASC has use and access of the Osborne naval shipyards in South Australia and the associated critical infrastructure owned by Australian Naval Infrastructure (ANI) for the delivery of its shipbuilding programs.

ASC North

ASC North and South, Osborne SA
ASC North and South, Osborne SA

FCD maintenance of the CCSM is undertaken at the ASC North facility located at Osborne, South Australia.

Throughout the 2018/19 reporting period work was undertaken to improve the facility to ensure its continued support of Submarine Enterprise activities.

Modifications to the Diesel Generator Testing Facility, allowing a second generator to be tested in the facility, were completed in November 2018. Additional mechanical, electrical and control infrastructure was also installed. The upgrade enabled the testing of HMAS Waller’s generators to be completed over a significantly reduced time period and this resulted in substantial benefits to the FCD schedule.

Additional significant infrastructure projects undertaken across the 2018/19 financial year included:

  • Replacement of a number of air conditioners operating on ozone depleting refrigerants;
  • Installation of a removable wall and fast acting door to replace damaged roller doors in the main Hull Workshop;
  • Installation of a new overhead crane in the electrical pressure testing room to improve safety and efficiency;
  • Plumbing repairs to reduce water usage; and
  • Refurbishment of toilet facilities in the Hull and Outfitting Workshops.

ASC West

ASC West, Henderson WA
ASC West, Henderson WA

The ASC West facility, located at Henderson, Western Australia, completes shorter maintenance dockings and in-service support of the CCSM fleet.

Throughout the 2018/19 reporting period, ASC West further built upon the significant facility upgrades that were achieved in recent years, seeing the construction of a Maintenance Support Tower (MST) and Sky Bridge to deliver operational efficiencies.

Key facility and infrastructure projects undertaken across 2018/19 included:

  • A new 300sqm awning for the Warehouse to protect materials from the weather;
  • Upgrade to the Fire Protection System and division of the site into three Fire Zones to allow for segregated evacuations and more accurate locations for alarms throughout the facility and submarines undergoing maintenance;
  • Upgrades to site radios from analogue to digital to provide consistent and clear communication to all staff whilst on board the submarine, either docked or in the water, at Henderson or Garden Island; and
  • Completion of a Concept Design report for the Submarine Support Facility for Fleet Base West at Garden Island as per a CoA tasking statement. The Concept Design will deliver base-build and two value management options to be built over a single year or three-year period.

ASC South

The ASC South facility located at Osborne in South Australia, is the site of construction of the three Hobart Class AWDs and the lead and second Arafura Class OPVs. ASC works closely with ANI to manage the commercial and operational arrangements required for the delivery of the AWD and OPV shipbuilding programs.