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Our performance results

Our performance results

Performance criteria 1

Coordinate, monitor and report on the implementation of NSP 20192023


ASEA effectively supports NSP 20192023 with research, reporting, evaluation and advice


Launched NSP 2019–2023 at the 2019 Asbestos Safety Conference in Perth

Ministerial approval obtained to expand NSP 2019–2023 to include a 9th target which will develop an evidence based national picture that assesses the likelihood of asbestos containing materials being present in the residential environment

Developed target measurement and reporting plans for each NSP 2019–2023 target with new sources of data identified and templates to measure progress

Identified gaps in, and improvements to, asbestos-related training

Identified gaps in, and improvements to, asbestos-related law

Developed an International Collaboration and Leadership Strategy to establish the activities required to implement NSP 2019–2023 and to define measurable actions that will be updated annually

Completed an internal analysis of the findings and recommendations of research conducted under NSP 2014–2018 to inform future research and identify gaps.

Developed a new stakeholder engagement strategy which will be reviewed annually, to assist the agency perform its key function of coordinating the implementation of NSP 2019–2023

Established the Asbestos Awareness Committee under the ASEA Act to improve asbestos awareness, influence behaviour change and develop nationally consistent awareness messages

Developed asbestos safety messages for those undertaking do-it-yourself (DIY) during COVID-19 pandemic which were delivered via website and social media channels

Refreshed the agency’s website and built social media presence in order to provide asbestos awareness messages to the public

Developed an asbestos awareness master language document which will be maintained and developed as a living resource