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Workers Compensation

Insurance cover for workers compensation is maintained as follows:

  • Claims established prior to 1 July 1989 are determined under the Commonwealth Employees Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988; however payments as directed by Comcare are the responsibility of the Army and Air Force Canteen Service.
  • Claims established from 1 July 1989 are managed, by government direction, in conjunction with Comcare under the provisions of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988.

During the year we have had three claims, all involved injuries to body parts. There were no systematic issues identified and controls were put in place to ensure the risk is minimised. We will continue to monitor the workplace through inspection reports and hazard identification forms to keep the number of incidents in the workplace to an absolute minimum, striving for a reduction of injuries.

Absenteeism for sick leave, not being for workers compensation, was at a rate of 1.14% of non-casual wages for the period (2019 – 2.00%).

Future focus will be on increasing the skills and abilities of staff at all levels to assist in the identification and notification of hazards in the workplace. AAFCANS will continue to communicate with staff regularly, ensuring safety remains a clear priority throughout the working day. AAFCANS also aims to build on current levels of compliance and strive toward best practice in WHS.

 All injuries chart for the year ended 30 June​
Chart 4: All injuries chart for the year ended 30 June​

 AAFCANS food safe program
Image 10: AAFCANS food safe program