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AAFCANS domestic retail operations include convenience stores, cafes, petrol stations, mobile food vans and the provision of “Class 6” products to major military exercises. Licenced traders provide additional retail and non-core services e.g. fast food shops, hairdressers, mechanics, barbers, banks and postal services, utilising their own employees.

AAFCANS remains geographically dispersed with small staff numbers at each individual site. Casual and part time employees account for 72% (72% - 2019) of all staff.

A profile of staff in terms of designated (target) group member classification appears at Table 9, highlighting that women constitute:

a) 84% (2019 84%) of all staff

b) 63% (2019 71%) of manager-level staff

c) 69% (2019 57%) of executive-level staff

The organisation’s employment profile consists of predominantly casual staff and is subject to significant fluctuation on a local basis. During 2019-20 spouses or dependents of Defence personnel filled 12% (14% - 2019) of all positions, in large part due to the on-base location of our stores.

Table 6 provides a profile of staffing by category. Total staff numbers increased to 247 as at 30 June 2020 (244 – 2019). The Full Time Equivalent (FTE) statistic decreased to 148 compared to 188 in the prior year.

The general staffing profile reflects trading patterns that can significantly fluctuate in line with Australian Defence Force training, exercises and operations activity and the narrowly defined customer base to which AAFCANS has direct access. In particular, outlets at bases where troops are drawn for operational deployment overseas experience significant fluctuations in trade, product mix and casual staff numbers.