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Conditions of Employment

AAFCANS employs staff under appropriate terms and conditions subject to direction from the Fair Work Commission and the Minister for Employment.

AAFCANS responds to three awards. If an employee is not in a classification covered by these awards or does not have a specific matter dealt with by an individual contract of employment, management applies the terms and conditions of employment as exists for other AAFCANS employees.

Details of the staff profile in classification and salary terms appear at Table 9.

The code of conduct was approved by the Board and executive of AAFCANS in 2013 and is reviewed annually since that time.

The code of conduct defines and standardises expectations for all staff at AAFCANS. It guides the behaviour of all employees in terms of individual representation, relations with customers, and relations with fellow employees. This document sets the framework for AAFCANS’ culture.

A company policy and procedures manual is maintained that consolidates the major terms and conditions of employment. Updates are posted to the AAFCANS intranet and distributed both in hard copy and via the weekly bulletin throughout the year as procedures are improved and new policies are implemented. Significant changes are also advised and explained during management telephone conferences and at outlet staff meetings.

AAFCANS ensures employees are not subjected to any form of discrimination or harassment in the workplace by:

  • Distributing and displaying material aimed at raising awareness of the nature and incidence of discrimination or sexual and racial harassment
  • Ensuring the working environment is free of material which may be offensive to TGMs and other employees
  • Continuing to maintain a register of grievances (no issues were reported to Fair Work Australia in the year under review)
  • Reiterating EEO principles in management training programs and in designated work group meetings, i.e. at the local trading outlet level
  • Incorporating EEO awareness in the formal induction program for all new staff
  • Incorporating a detailed harassment and bullying policy and whistleblowers/public interest disclosure policy in the company policy and procedures manual which operate in tandem with the EEO policy to ensure that staff have numerous reporting avenues for inappropriate conduct.

Personnel policies, procedures and related correspondence have been reviewed and are free of any gender, cultural or racial bias.

As at 30 June 2019, 75 (2018 – 63) staff members were employed on individual employment contracts, including all full and part-time salaried staff.