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Remuneration and Selection

For consistency and regard for EEO and other staff policy, all terminations are only initiated and managed by senior management. A grievance process is well established and is accessible to all staff.

The recruitment and selection policy has been developed within a framework of
merit-based fair and equitable staff selection. This policy:

  • Covers ethics in recruitment as they relate to internal use and ensure all external recruitment consultants also maintain our standards
  • Continues to apply EEO principles of assisting and developing existing staff to enhance their ability to compete for available positions
  • Details standard recruitment tools for use by managers
  • Incorporates a formal feedback mechanism for internal applicants and to external applicants
  • Incorporates a detailed induction process.

In evaluating prospective staff, emphasis is placed on the inherent requirements of the job skills and potential rather than detailed local knowledge and experience. If a person with a disability can perform the inherent requirements of the job with some alteration or adjustments these adjustments are made unless this imposes unjustifiable hardship.

TGMs are made aware of their rights, entitlements and conditions of employment by our base managers as well as through the provision of policy and procedure manuals and delivery of a standard induction program. A plain English summary of the terms and conditions of employment is provided in the general induction module.

There have been no requests for EEO material to be prepared in languages other than English or requests for interpreters to be made available for any reason.