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General Management of the EEO Plan

The success of continuing to achieve the objectives of the EEO management plan is dependent upon:

  • Management commitment
  • The allocation of responsibility and resources for implementation
  • The awareness, participation and training of staff
  • Effective monitoring and evaluation.

AAFCANS continues to:

  • Ensure all staff are aware of senior management’s commitment to the EEO program
  • Allocate adequate resources to the development and management of the EEO plan
  • Encourage and promote non-discrimination policies e.g. reissue the code of conduct to all employees (attached to each contract of employment)
  • Develop our policy and procedures manual, and train staff on those policies which includes a policy addressing human rights and equal opportunity
  • Promote skill and potential-based recruitment and selection process. This is achieved by providing specific training support to all managers, appropriate policies on recruitment, selection, termination, performance appraisal, secondment and training, and guidelines to assist development of selection and interview criteria.