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Our Purpose, Mission and Vision

Our Purpose is to provide Defence members with access to quality food, beverage and retail items and support base welfare. Our Mission is to contribute to Defence capability by enhancing personnel morale and well-being. OurValues are, Honesty, Integrity, Safety, Respect, Service and Vision is to be recognised as a key contributor to Defence capabilityAAFCANS is a self-sustaining 'not for profit' statutory organisation administered under the Army and Air Force Canteen Regulation 2016 and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. AAFCANS is required to operate on a commercial and self-supporting basis with surplus funds either reinvested into the business by way of improvements to facilities or disbursed to welfare and trust funds for the benefit of Army and Air Force members and their families.

Services provided by AAFCANS are designed to enhance the living conditions and social environment of Army and Air Force members, their dependants and other persons employed in or in connection with Army and Air Force installations.