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The Board of Management

Chair Leonie Taylor, Brig. Todd Ashurst, AIRCDRE Ian Pearson

Leonie has served on various Boards since 1993. She retired as a Partner from the Chartered Accountants group, Bentleys (Qld) as at 30 June 2018. Leonie undertakes the role of the independent finance professional on the audit and risk committees of two industry superannuation funds and a private capital group.

Leonie was a director and subsequently the Chair of North Qld Bulk Ports from 1993 to 2012.

Leonie is a Chartered Accountant and brings with her extensive professional experience in corporate strategic planning, business advising and governance.

Todd, as a military representative, advises AAFCANS and represents the interests of the Army.

Todd is currently appointed as Director General Logistics - Army. In this position he is responsible to the Chief of Army for strategic logistic, governance and technical regulatory management in support of the Army's mission and tasks. He also manages Army’s Combat Service Support Program, responsible for the modernisation of land-based logistic capability and delivery of major and minor projects to Army and the Australian Defence Force.

Todd also has responsibility for developing and implementing Army's strategic policies related to infrastructure, safety, security, and enterprise risk management. Todd has extensive experience in command, training and operational appointments.

Ian, as a military representative, advises AAFCANS and represents the interests of the Air Force.

Before transferring to the RAAF Active Reserve in March 2010, Ian’s Air Force career included flying, training, staff and overseas Defence attaché duties.

Other current appointments:

  • Independent Member Audit Committee, BUSS(Q)
  • Independent Member Audit Committee, Club Super
  • Independent Member Audit Committee, Gardior Pty Ltd


  • President, RAAF Staff College Association
  • Director, John XXIII College, Australian National University

Special duties (AAFCANS)

  • Chair of the Governance & Risk Committee
  • Member of the People & Culture Committee

  • Member of the Audit Committee

MD Mr Stewart McGrow, Mr Glenn Kirk, Ms Linda Heron

Stewart’s background in management encompasses a wealth of commercial experience in sectors including retail, quick service restaurants/bars, restaurants and leisure clubs in both Australia and the UK. Within Australia, Stewart has held positions as General Manager, Corporate Business with the Compass Group, and National General Manager & General Manager Sydney Opera House.

Having previously worked with Defence in the UK, Stewart has a clear understanding of the nature of the AAFCANS business and the operational requirements that must be achieved to satisfy not only customers, but also key Defence and Government stakeholders.

Glenn has over 35 years retailing experience, primarily with Coles Myer Ltd. Glenn held key executive roles in both operations and distribution for Coles Supermarkets and Metcash Convenience. Glenn has a strong history of developing and improving performance across a range of retail, wholesale and warehousing operations.

Glenn brings complete retail oversight and expertise to the AAFCANS board.

Linda has extensive experience across the private and public sectors where she has held several strategic roles that span very large operational teams in the supermarket business (Coles Myer Ltd), to establishing and leading the People and Capability function in a Victorian water corporation including the legal and governance functions.

Linda holds or has held positions on numerous boards and committees, appointed due to her recognised expertise in retail, strategy, human resources, skills and training.

Other current appointments:



  • General Manager People & Capability, Melbourne Water
  • Non-executive Director, Friendly Society Medical Association

Special duties (AAFCANS)

  • Member of the Governance & Risk Committee

  • Chair of the People & Culture Committee
  • Member of the Audit Committee
  • Member of the Governance & Risk Committee

  • Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Member of the People & Culture Committee
  • Member of the Governance & Risk Committee

Former Director

Other directors of the corporation during and after the period covered by this report were:

Brigadier Cameron Purdey CSC MAICD

  • Non-executive director
  • Chief of Army appointment
  • 28th October 2015 - 2 August 2018

Cameron, as a military representative, advised AAFCANS and represented the interests of the Army.

Cameron was appointed as Director General Logistics - Army. In this position he was responsible to the Chief of Army for managing the day-to-day operational and logistic requirements of Army. Cameron has extensive experience in command, training and operational appointments.

Board Charter

The Board’s charter is set forth in the Regulations and includes that the:

  • Minister appoints three members, at least two of whom have had extensive business or commercial experience, one of whom is appointed non-executive Chair
  • Board includes two nominee officers, one each from Army and Air Force
  • Managing Director is appointed by the Board as the sole executive director.

Civilian members are appointed by the Minister, based on industry expertise, business acumen and other characteristics that are considered valuable skills for the management of the business. Military Board members are selected from senior officers who have experience in management, personnel and other military requirements.

The Managing Director is appointed by the Board. The performance and remuneration of the sole executive director is reviewed on an annual basis by the Chair acting in accordance with the determination of the Remuneration Tribunal. The Chair then makes a recommendation to the Board through the People and Culture Committee.

The delegation of powers and functions to the Managing Director are documented in the Board delegation policy. Certain matters are reserved for the full Board. The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring the responsibilities as delegated are properly discharged by management and for keeping the Board informed on these matters.

The charter is reviewed annually by members of the Governance and Risk Committee.

Independent Professional Advice

Members of the Board have the right, in connection with their duties and responsibilities, to seek independent professional advice at AAFCANS’ expense. Prior written approval of the Chair is required but will not be unreasonably withheld. This right was not exercised during the year ended 30 June 2019.

Insurance of Officers

AAFCANS paid a premium of $8,462 for the year ended 30 June 2019 for the directors’ and officers’ liability policy.

The liabilities insured include costs and expenses that may be incurred in defending civil or criminal proceedings that may be brought against the officers in their capacity as officers of AAFCANS. No indemnities have been provided to any current or former officers.