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Activities in 2018-2019

People and Culture

Our extraordinary people are critical to AAFCANS success and bring our business of serving the Defence personnel to life. We are committed to fostering individual growth and providing equal opportunities to our people.

Our ‘People Strategy’ is underpinned by the key attributes of mutual trust, transparency, accountability, collaboration, inclusion and participation.

We have delivered new learning and development initiatives to support our teams. These initiatives enable our team to work together more effectively to solve complex problems and build critical skills, which will support the strategic direction of AAFCANS.

During the financial year, the People and Culture team in tandem with the Technology team, delivered a cloud-based employee information platform accessible from any computer. This system ensures more accurate information and greater transparency for team members and the business.

Through a workplace culture that accepts, values and enables difference, we are committed to building an inclusive culture of equitable opportunity, where you can bring your whole self to work.

Communications and Marketing

AAFCANS featured in three Defence media articles capturing welfare disbursements and the newly procured mobile amenities vehicles (2WD and 4WD MFVs), designed to support Defence on exercise.

Cozy props were added to AAFCANS refurbishment décor. This is designed to convey a welcoming, homely store ambience and highlight AAFCANS fresh food concepts.

The coffee loyalty program and APP continues to grow and is well-received by customers. AAFCANS now has over 10,920 customers actively participating in the loyalty offer. 109,176 free coffees were gifted to customers. This equates to $436,000 in value for our customers.

Other marketing activities included:

  • A comparative pricing survey was conducted capturing 58 competitor menus, which helped benchmark AAFCANS offer and pricing with comparable offers outside the base.
  • Development of animated power point induction presentations promoting AAFCANS facilities by base.
  • Procurement of a new signage package to help promote AAFCANS fresh offer and key menu promotions. Stage one investment included digital TV signage with animated menus, chalkboards and in-store signage props, tailored by base.
  • Launching a series of national store promotions, charitable activities, meal deals and supplier-supported promotions, prize give-aways and media ads to benefit customers, social clubs and Regimental Trust Funds (RTFs).
  • Production of quarterly highlights newsletters for dissemination to all levels of Defence leadership and base level stakeholders.
  • Development of branding for new 2WD and 4WD mobile amenities vehicles.
  • Development of AAFCANS new corporate website. The website provides customers and stakeholders with key information about AAFCANS governance, reporting, history, improvements, and facilities and services by base, including our menu offer and promotions.
  • Leading a series of qualitative surveys with focus group sessions held at ADFA to provide AAFCANS with local customer insights. Quantitative digital and web-based surveys also assisted with consumer feedback channels.
  • Conducting coffee sampling events at ADFA and Victoria Barracks Melbourne to present customers with a new coffee blend specifically designed for AAFCANS southern customer base.


Nielson and Aztec data analytics companies have been utilised to assist with our retail range reviews to ensure we are keeping pace with market trends within the retail network. We continue to review all categories for performance on a regular basis. With our annual pricing survey we ensure we remain competitive to the market.

Our ‘health and well-being’ range within our bases has an ongoing focus, both in the quick service food offering but also within our retail area. Solid sales growth was experienced in new health drinks like Kombucha. A trial with Zummo juice, produced fresh daily on base at both our Amberley and Enoggera bases, is currently underway.

Our protein and health range has increased with the introduction of Musashi drink and bar range.

AAFCANS’ and Thirsty Camel’s partnership has expanded its offering by 200% at our main Gallipoli Base outlet as part of its refurbishment. This buying power has enabled us to engage and supply RTFs on several bases.

Vending remains a growth area for AAFCANS and we have re-established AAFCANS-owned vending at RAAF Tindal to ensure we meet the bases requirements and provide a 24/7 offer. AAFCANS will trial further vending options in the next few months with the upcoming rollout of meals and personal care to cater around the clock to Defence and its civilian workers.


This year AAFCANS supported Defence on the following exercises:

  • Operation Pitch Black, NT
  • Greenbank, South East QLD

Due to timing the other exercises were not held within the year in review.

AAFCANS container Greenbank 2019Image 2. AAFCANS Amenities Container Greenbank 2019


In recognition of the unique environment in which AAFCANS operates, the Commonwealth has provided a $400,000 per annum special amenity payment which has been used exclusively to improve the general appearance and atmosphere of AAFCANS’ canteens for its Service patrons.

In FY2019, AAFCANS undertook outlet/facility upgrade projects on the following bases:

  • $568k IT infrastructure project (new point-of-sale, IT equipment upgrade)
  • $295k Enoggera canteen refurbishment
  • $133k outlet equipment
  • $94k ADFA LTN relocation and renovation
  • $41k Laverton kiosk refurbishment
  • $32k Simpson kiosk refurbishment

AAFCANS Refurbishments Image 3. ADFA LTN Kiosk upgrade and Canteen refresh April 2019AAFCANS Gallipoli Barracks RefurbishmentImage 4. Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera Refurbishment June 2019

Laverton 474 Kiosk, Watsonia Kiosk and RAAF Richmond Trojan KioskImage 5: RAAF Laverton 474 kiosk upgrade March 2019 and RAAF RichmondTrojan kiosk facility April 2019

AAFCANS Food OfferImage 6. AAFCANS Food Offer