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Financial activities

Content under sub headings financial activities and balance sheet have been updated 15 July 2021

Operating results

The Commission returned a surplus of $3,517,185 before depreciation of assets other than lease right-of-use assets and a total net surplus of $1,442,124 against a budgeted deficit of $1,775,000.
After allowing for the impact of AASB 16 on operating leases, the Commission’s net surplus is $3,582,867 against a budget net deficit of $0.

Operating revenue

The total operating income was $93,109,912 and consisted of the following:

  • government appropriations of $85,607,035
  • sales of goods and rendering of services of $7,091,487
  • other revenue of $411,390.

Operating expenses

Total operating expenses were $91,667,788 and consisted of:

  • employee benefits of $54,654,800
  • supplier expenses of $33,293,074
  • finance costs on right-of-use assets $40,926
  • depreciation and amortisation of $2,075,061
  • depreciation of right-of-use assets of $1,603,535
  • losses from asset sales of $392.