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Structure of the IAA

The IAA consists of the President of the AAT, the Division Head of the Migration and Refugee Division, the Senior Reviewer and the Reviewers.

The President and the Division Head are responsible for the overall operation and administration of the IAA. The Senior Reviewer is responsible for managing the IAA, subject to the directions of, and in accordance with policies determined by, the President and the Division Head. The Senior Reviewer must be a Senior Executive Service employee and the Reviewers must also be engaged under the Public Service Act. At 30 June 2019, Ms Sobet Haddad was the Senior Reviewer and there were 32 Reviewers. In accordance with section 473JE of the Migration Act, the Registrar has made available 10 officers to assist the IAA in the performance of its administrative functions.

For the purposes of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act and the Public Service Act, the IAA is considered to be part of the AAT.