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People and Relationships

People and relationships

This section describes our relationship with other key people

Note 5: Key management personnel remuneration

Key management personnel are those persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the Company, directly or indirectly.

The Directors of the AAF Company during the financial year are as follows:




Grant Eric Warner

Public Servant

27 January 2016

23 August 2018

Cheryl Pearce

Army Officer

29 March 2017

19 November 2018

Leigh Suzanne Wilton

Army Officer

15 February 2016

21 January 2019

Jocelyn Anne King

Army Officer

16 June 2016

21 January 2019

Karl Morris

Public Servant

13 September 2018

15 March 2019

Amanda Ruth Fielding

Army Officer

20 June 2016

Michael Kennedy

Army Officer

5 May 2017

Grant McFarlane

Army Officer

27 August 2018

Wade Stothart

Army Officer

21 January 2019

Kirsty Skinner

Army Officer

16 April 2019

Fiona Curtis

Army Officer

16 April 2019

Kim Felmingham

Army Officer

16 April 2019

Directors act in an honorary capacity therefore no income was received, due or receivable by any directors of the AAF Company during the financial year 2018-19:


from the AAF Company or any related party in connection with the management of the AAF Company, or


from the AAF Company in connection with the management of a related party.

Note 6: Related party disclosures

Related party relationships

The entity is an Australian Government controlled entity. Related parties to this entity are Army Amenities Fund, Messes Trust Fund, key management personnel including the executives, Chief of Army, the responsible Minister and other Australian Government entities.

Transactions with related parties:

Significant transactions with related parties can include:


the payments of grants or loans;


purchases of goods and services;


asset purchases;


debts forgiven; and



Giving consideration to relationships with related entities, and transactions entered into during the reporting period by the Company, it has been determined that there are no related party transactions to be separately disclosed.

Note 7: Remuneration of auditors





Audit fees

Financial statement audit services






The auditors remuneration for the AAF Company is covered by the Army Amenities Fund